Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well-rounded, my A..

Today I enjoyed an excellent post over at The White Hot Truth entitled "The Ridiculous Pursuit of Being Well-Rounded." Maybe you will enjoy it too: here.

The post comes a good time.... I have been surrounded lately by people who are absolutely brilliant and doing exactly what they are really good at. This, while trying to do some things that I do NOT think I am particularly brilliant at doing..... holding my tongue, holding my ego in check, keeping my opinions to myself, thinking in German.

And, to paraphrase a wise friend of mine: Comparison is the root of discontent.

What if, instead of comparing myself and noticing the lack, I focused on doing what I am good at.... and getting better? Quoting the above article directly....

So what makes you feel strong?
Do more of it. And more still. Find ways to get even better at it, sharpen your saw as the old master of effectiveness, Stephen Covey puts it. Push your edge. Dare to be focused on your natural capacities. Say yes to what you love, what inspires you, what lights you up. It takes some kahunas, but it beats well-rounded mediocrity any day.


  1. I have a quote sitting on my desk that says, "Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." (Gil Baillie)

  2. thanks for the shout out.