Thursday, November 05, 2009

German Romantic fever

Can I say something obvious? Why, yes. Yes, I think I can. And I will. :)

Beethoven is astounding. I've been watching "Immortal Beloved" on Netflix today, loving Gary Oldman, and remembering why I used to have Beethoven Piano Sonatas on permanent play when I was working desk job.

Exhibit A:
A bit from Symphony #7, mvmnt 2:

Good lord I love how that unfolds and just washes over you.

Exhibit B:
Sonata #14 in C# min (Moonlight)
Yes, this is the world's most famous piano sonata. (is it? maybe) But just listen to it, folks!! I love this scene in the movie (see pic above)... Beethoven thinks he is alone in the house and he puts his ear right onto the instrument he is playing, trying desperately to hear the music. Tears. me. up.

If you are big ole nerd like me, you can go to YouTube, type in "Moonlight Sonata" and begin a comparision of the 800 versions there. The various interpretations are kind of astounding.... compare Glenn Gould with the one I've posted, by Barenboim.

And then, for something completely different, check this out:

THAT is art, people.

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