Friday, November 06, 2009

On my plate...

What is on your plate this week?
Mine is FULL!!!

  1. Going to Round Top, Texas, this weekend for a symposium on Noel Coward and Vaudeville.
  2. Meeting new people
  3. HGO's Lohengrin #3
  4. Book club: featuring the informative and disturbing Half the Sky.
  5. Washington Pub Crawl. Second incarnation. Missed the first, determined to enjoy the 2nd.
  6. Flying to Tulsa and back multiple times... sometimes on the same day! .... to direct a small show for the opera there: Britten's Noyes's Fludde.... and am THRILLED to be using the costumes & sets from a production I did with Rooth Varland several years ago.
  7. Lohengrin #4 and #5
  8. exhaustion/relaxation

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