Thursday, January 07, 2010

Squiggy & Lenny on the move!

I have very happy news to report:  the baby kittens I kept for 6 weeks over the holidays HAVE NEW HOMES!  

Lenny & Squiggy seemed to grow up overnight, from tiny little babies to muscle-y strong toddlers, and when I took them to the HSPCA on Monday morning, they both weighed in at just over 3 pounds.  Leaving them was tough, coupled by the fact that Squig climbed up onto the bars and gave me the biggest round sad-eyes ever, and a well meaning lady in the room kept saying over and over "I don't know HOW you can walk out of this room."  Thanks lady. I have developed a heart of steel, that is all.  Now please excuse me while I go sob in my car. 

ANYWAY,  saw that they were posted online for adoption by noon on Monday.... and Squig was adopted that very afternoon!!!  He is such a super model.  Of course, then I was all worried about poor Len, wasting away in a cage all by himself, sad and alone, so on Wednesday morning I revamped his promotional materials and took them over to say hi.   He was doing wonderfully!  Seemed to be just fine, but delighted to have a visit, gave me lots of purrs and nuzzles, and we had a ball playing for a bit.  I gave him a pep talk, told him to show his best side to the ladies, and went on my way. .... and by 3p, Lenny was adopted and on his way home to a new family!

Fostering is just an amazing blessing.  Yes, I do get attached, and it IS hard to say goodbye, but I just feel so lucky to have these little guys in my life for a time before sending them on their way.  My heart is full.


  1. Aww... my heart would be full, too. Such sweet babies! Good for you.

  2. I know! Right? Well when you're in town I know JUST where to take you!!

    (this will be one of those misplaced comments where people will read your post, then the comments and see that this comment doesn't match and think I'm a total fruit loop or that there is a hidden meaning in your post that they missed.) Ha!