Friday, February 26, 2010

Meet the Dillingers

Yesterday was a bit of sad one around here.... I lost my first foster kitten.  This little guy had the deck stacked against him from the beginning....the runt, about 1/2 the size of all the others, and he had a horrible eye infection that just would not go away.  After bottle feeding him for a week and hovering, hoping for improvement, it became more and more clear that this little kitty was not gonna make it.  So now, there are 5. 

Let's meet the crew!

First, remember when they were tiny babies......awwwwwww!

Now let's meet the queen (yes, that is the official term for a litter mama. I love it!):
Miss Cleo Dillinger
She is a lovely lady. Quite the conversationalist.  Barely legal, but she has a beautiful set of babies.  Check out that eye decor.

The twins: 
Herbie "The Face" Dillinger & James "Dice" Dillinger
Herbie is so named due to the creeping rash he has on his face, but as that clears up it can only make reference to his obvious handsomeness.
 Dice's little body is covered with black and white spots.  He is a bit camera shy, so you will just have to take my word for it. 

Next up, the gals:
Chloe Dillinger
Kind of a supermodel, no?  You might get lost in those dreamy blue eyes. 

Miss Tabitha Dillinger
You might notice, Tabitha looks a little.... different... than the others.  There are 2 possibilities. 1. She has a different father than the others (Mama cats can carry kittens from multiple fathers at the same time!).  2.  She is a stowaway.  These kitties were part a of large rescue operation in which several litters were recovered. One of the mamas couldn't make milk, so Miss Cleo served as a surrogate milk nurse for some of them.... and it is quite possible Tabitha just buried herself in the pile.... a smart girl!

And last but certainly not least, my boyfriend.....
John "Dozer" Dillinger
This photogenic bug has stolen my heart.  Lovey dovey, precocious, wildly handsome... sigh.... what a dreamboat. 
BIG HUGE THANK YOU TO ERIC MELEAR, whose mad camera skilz made all this kitteny goodness possible today.  Thanks CameraMan!

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