Thursday, April 15, 2010

March movies

When I am on the road, I tend to see a lot of movies and since I've been out of town on business for much of March and April, I have quite a list to share!

1.  The Young Victoria   Ok, maybe this was not an edge-of-your-seat dramatic event, but it was a really beautiful film... GORGEOUS costumes and sets, and I was actually really moved by the love story.  I don't know much about this time period.... my English monarchy festish is much more Elizabethan-centric... so it was fun to learn a bit about the more recent past.

2. The Ghost Writer  The latest Roman Polanski film.  A typically stylish political thriller featuring Ewan McGregor.  I enjoyed watching the film... it seemed almost old-fashioned, while maintaining a slick modern design affect.   Put me in mind of another film that I LOVED:  The Lives of Others

3.  Avatar  I will go ahead and admit I did not have high hopes for this one.  And thus.... It was surprisingly good!  I don't think the script was really life changing, and yes, the plot was pretty predictable, but WOW it was PRETTY.  SO VERY PRETTY.  I am a sucker for pretty.  :)

4. Up in the Air  Another very stylish movie, lovely to watch, but ultimately a bit cold.  However: I DID NOT EXPECT THAT TWIST!  I love to be surprised at the movies. Love it.  Not sure what I was supposed to take away on this film... life sucks?  Open your heart and get screwed?

5. Forget Paris A sweet movie from the mid-nineties.  I have kind of already forgotten the story or why I had this on my Netflix, but this is what I have to comment upon:  remember when movies featured people who actually look like people we know?  People with bad hair and imperfect clothes and lumpy bodies?  What happened to those movies?

6. An Education  whoa I love Peter Sarsgaard.  Woweee. So this was a slightly disturbing film about a young girl's romance with an older man.  Gorgeous design.  Sweeping and heartbreaking and full of amazing characters and beautifully set in 1960's Britain.
7.  Sherlock Holmes  Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.  These guys could do an ad for toilet paper and I would happily watch it.  That it was a sexy, muscular detective tale with accents.... yes, please.

8. The Innocents  Just finished working on Britten's opera (Turn of the Screw) based on the same story.  This movie is awesome. I say this as a person that does not automatically love old movies.  But it was awesome and disturbing.  You can "watch instantly" on Netflix.

9. I Love You, Man Paul Rudd can do no wrong.  If ever I felt compelled to stalk a celebrity, it would be Paul Rudd.  This movie, maybe not life changing, is nonetheless touching and funny.  No one does painfully, adorably awkward better than Paul Rudd. 

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