Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crazy time

This is what my life looks like for the next several days/months....

  1. Mad packing this afternoon (all day really.... how do I make such a mess?)
  2. Show tonight... Tosca at Opera Colorado. Final paperwork, goodbyes, etc. (sniff)
  3. Tomorrow morning: off at the crack of dawn!  Driving to Houston.... 16hrs.  Might try to do it all in a day.   But probably not, as my butt might stage a revolt if I try. 
  4. Thursday:  finishing the drive.  Sleeping in my own bed.  yay.
  5. Friday: more mad packing in preparation for....
  6. Saturday: MOVING DAY!  I am finally moving into my new house!  Also, my parents arrive to help. 
  7. the week following:  home repair projects, visits with the parents, seeing all my Houston friends, taking care of home ownership tasks, finishing driver safety course, and more packing for....
  8. May 10:  GOING TO ENGLAND!  Yep, I am off to merry olde England for a Shakespeare trip with my good friend Kate Pogue and 25 senior citizens.  That's right. I am a "travel host."  If I survived the two weeks with the group, then I have a week of sight-seeing for myself.... hello European pals!
  9. May 27:  Home for a couple of days, more packing...
  10. Drive to Central City.  Where I am once again spending my summer.  Apparently I cannot get enough of Colorado.    (ColorAHHHHHHHHHdo if you will)
Does reading this make anyone else tired?

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