Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday delights

Delighting me today:
An amazing (but cheap!) pedicure and the resulting shiny red toenails 
This pretty dress from Anthropologie.  le sigh. 

Shingle shopping for my new roof!!!  I am thinking dark brown.  What a decision!

Pretty pretty drawer pulls, also from Anthro.  Can you tell I am back in the home improvement game?

My sweet boyfriend.  

A day of relaxation.

Chicken tikka masala on the docket for dinner.

Plans for drinks with pals at a favorite beer bar. 
Life is good. 


    1. ok, so the red is fabulous! my naked toes are TOTALLY jealous.

      (and is it wrong if i wish that the drawer pull could be made into a ring? I'd wear that sucker all the time.)

    2. @rahree: I thought the same thing about the drawer pulls... and crazily, when my boyfriend saw the pic, he said "what a pretty ring." Great minds, yada yada. :)