Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wednesday Delights

Wednesday delights:

1.  The Ikea Kitchen Planner.  What an amazing tool! Check out my plan, above.  Now that I have paid for my new adorable roof, I am dreaming of the next big move.... kitchen reno.  White cabinets, butcher block countertops, white tile on floor, soft yellow on the walls, dry goods in glass jars on a shelf.  It is a beautiful dream, and I am diligently saving AS WE SPEAK.    See also the pic below....mine will not be a literal interpretation, but definitely the model I am after....

2.  Getting my home inspection scheduled, after multiple occasions for literally pulling my hair out in the home insurance biz.

3.  Grapefruit.  So good.  Nature's little gift in the winter.

4.  Cleaning my desk at work.

5.  Slow but steady progress on the ole brick walkway.  Can't wait to show more pics!  But here is a sad one from day two of digging: 
It is hard to tell, but that soil is mostly clay filled with rocks and BIG tree roots.  Digging is not easy, fo sho.  I've managed to break a couple of garden tools already.  I am just so freaking strong, you see.

6.  Looking forward to some real time off.  During which I can plan for the upcoming months. So much planning!!!!

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