Thursday, August 25, 2011

Musing and a list

A story about freelance life:
My name is Tara. I am a freelance opera director. I sometimes think I may be the laziest person on the planet, but surely that can't be so, right?
I am in that difficult time when I have about 1 million things I COULD be doing, probably SHOULD be doing, but there are not any imminent deadlines.  The show I am working on is mostly prepped, and we are in rehearsals.  There is plenty of time for said rehearsals (barring something insane) so I am not really stressed about it.   The show that IS a bit of a stressor does not go into rehearsals until mid-September, so I have plenty of time to freak out about that one (which I do, continually). I have done the bulk of my homework for that one too... now I just want to get in a room with the singers and see what we can make work!  
Then I have 2 major shows later in the season. I have picked at those a bit but don't feel too pressured.  So... here I am. In that strange no man's land, waiting on inspiration.  Getting the procrastination part of the process over with. 

This is what I have done today INSTEAD of working on opera:
  1. Went to Home Depot at 8am to exchange some mini-blinds.  Again. This will be my 3rd set in as many days. 
  2. Did a load of laundry. 
  3. Hung mini-blinds. 
  4. Put away tools.
  5. Watered the crepe myrtle tree I decided to plant just before Houston's sweeping drought.  
  6. Checked all my bank accounts.
  7. Washed dishes.
  8. Made some inquiries about a sublet in nyc for my boyfriend.
Then later today I have coffee with a friend and my book club meets tonight.  That sounds good enough, right?  No need to transcribe translations in a show I am doing in March?  sigh.

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