Monday, June 11, 2012

Little things

"Fade"  by Erin Tyner

I have written about my admiration for the photographer Erin Tyner before (here, when I finally broke down and purchased a print).   Another Georgia artist! How can you not admire her lovely, evocative work?

Going down the rabbit hole today, I discovered some other folks who work with miniatures, and they could not thrill me more.

Do you know Audrey Heller?  
"Daily Double" by Audrey Heller

But what really set me off today was THIS GUY (called Slinkachu), who creates these scenes, photographs them, and then LEAVES THEM THERE.  How cool would it be to come across one of these little vignettes in REAL LIFE??!!

Mind blown.
Also, prepare for some little person creations on this end.  #toomanyhobbies

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