Wednesday, August 08, 2012

August musings

Hi folks. 
About time for my random check-in, no?

Here's what's up:
1.  In NYC for a few days, seeing the man-friend, decompressing after the opening of my big summer project:  The Rake's Progress at Wolf Trap Opera.  If you are connected to me via Facebook, you already know I was ridiculously pleased with the production.  And so, apparently, were the reviewers!! This almost never happens, so please permit me to crow a small bit....

Washington Post---Rake's Progress at Wolf Trap highlights vocal talent:  "Tara Faircloth directed a simple and elegant production."

Baltimore Sun---Rake's Progress gets potent staging from Wolf Trap Opera:  "All of this can be richly savored in what easily ranks among the most satisfying Wolf Trap Opera Company productions, musically and theatrically, of the past decade or so....there are imaginative and absorbing touches throughout."

BOOM.  So proud of my singers, my designers, the music folk, and the amazing crew and admin that make all of that happen.  What an amazing experience. 

2. Just posted my Houston apartment to AirBnB!  See the cute button there on the side??  I have absolutely no good pics to post on my listing yet, but I thought I would go ahead and get it going.  However, if YOU have friends that might be interested in subletting, my terms are flexible and we don't have to go thru AirBnB, though it is nice that there is a credit card option.  Anyway, I am out of town a lot this year, so I'd love to see the place get used.  Spread the word, will ya?

3.  Looking for some good book recommendations..... it takes a lot of energy to avoid working on my fall projects, and a good book will often do the trick!  What's is on your nightstand this week?

And that is kind of that for right now.  I will try to work up some juicy posts for the rest of the month.  Surely there is some sort of trouble out there for me?

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  1. I'm so happy for all of your successes, sweetpea!

    Last two books I read were Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and The Age Of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker. I loved them both. :)