Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer reading list, continued.

Some things I love about my Kindle:
1.  If I finish a book and have nothing new to read and am stuck in a hotel room and it is raining cats and dogs at 9p on Sunday night, I can still find a great new book, download it, and snuggle in to reading again in less than 4mins.
2.  My man-friend is endlessly fascinated with it.  He has yet to get one for himself, but it is imminent.
3.  I don't have to carry 47 pounds of reading material with me when I travel long-term for work.
4.  This is not a major big deal, but.... no one knows what I am reading.  I could be reading the Kama Sutra on the subway and no one would be the wiser.  Not that I am into such things.  Child, please.
5.  I do not have the most recent fancy version, but I like mine because my version holds a battery charge for WEEKS.

Some things I don't love about my Kindle:
1.  I never see the cover of my books, so sometimes I don't even remember the name of the book I am reading, much less the author.
2.  My book-buying budget has increased dramatically.  Well done, Amazon.

Bearing this in mind, my summer reading list has been HUGE.... I've read more books in the last month and a half than I read all last year, I think.  And so much fiction!  This is very unusual for me.
Ah! And another one for the "things I love" list:

6.  I have a very easy reference of the books I have read lately, and when I have read them.

So here's what it has been lately...

Gone Girl: A Novel.  I literally read this in about 2 days.  A total page-turner.  Unexpected, ridiculously enjoyable.   A perfect "beach read" or "train read" or "soaking in the tub until the water gets cold" read.   (Thanks for the recommendation, Sharon!!)

The Night Circus  Ready for some blasphemy? I thought this book was.... okay.  Don't get me wrong, it is beautifully inventive.  Were it an opera, I think it would be absolutely up my alley. But, despite all the raves on all the blogs I read, it just didn't hit a home run for me.  I was not THAT invested with the characters.  But everyone else loves it, so if the summary piques your interest, I say go for it.

A Discovery of Witches: A Novel (All Souls Trilogy)  This seemed a bit like Harry Potter for adults.  Though frankly, this adult really really loved Harry Potter, and thinks it sets a pretty high bar.  So, again, not a home run.  (I am so picky! sheesh!).  But still, an enjoyable read and a fine way to spend that half hour before you fall asleep with the Kindle smushed against your face.

So..... WHAT'S NEXT?  What rocked your boat this summer??

ps.  See the books I read in the first half of the summer here.

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