Thursday, August 08, 2013

Tips from the Road: Remember Your Secrets!

In the course of my career, I often return to the same cities every year or two.  I spend a lot of time getting to know these cities, and in my early days, was sometimes frustrated that I did not do a better job of keeping up with the little secrets I learned.   What is worse than looking forward to  "the best walnut-cream-cheese bagel I ever tasted".... but not remembering where you found it?

For a long time I tried to remember to keep an analog journal of such things (and I still do, to a degree), but lately I've been trying to make technology my friend:  ENTER THE IPHONE CAMERA.

What is easier than taking a quick snapshot of the restaurant or store you've found?  With Instagram, you can even label it with hashtags for easy access later on.  Genius.

Analog tips:
Keep a large manilla envelope for each city you visit.   When you are scheduled to return to this city, pull out the envelope and you are ready to go!   I include....

  • public transit maps
  • partially used subway cards
  • take-out menus
  • foreign currency
  • business cards
  • partially used laundry cards
  • IF I am really on the ball, I put a little index card with NAMES of people I've met

Digital tips:  

  • Make use of Instagram for good food, good stores, nice people you want to remember, fun places to visit.
  • Make a Pinterest board for each city you visit... fill it with your pics, but also pin ideas from other folks!
  • Be sure to check in with your Facebook friends to see what they recommend.... and if any of them will be in town!

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