Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tips from the road: Packing for the Absent-minded

One of the most frustrating elements of a semi-regular traveling lifestyle is the feeling that maybe senility is creeping on a bit sooner than normal because WHERE THE #$%#%# DID YOU PUT YOUR HOUSE KEYS???!!

And... breathe.

It can be a challenge to keep up with trying to keep up with important things when your address changes every month. I have stumbled upon a very simple solution: ALWAYS PUT THE IMPORTANT THINGS IN THE SAME PLACE.  (Tip #1)

For instance: I keep all of my electronic cords together, in a quart-sized ziploc, in the top small outside pocket of my carry on rolling bag. I do NOT keep one cord with my computer, one with my kindle, one in my purse. I keep them all together, always there.     Also, I keep my daily medicine in my makeup bag.  Always. 

Tip #2:  If I decide to put something "in a safe place" for a few days I make a note in my Calendar where that item is stored. For example: I just spent 2 months in NYC. My car stayed with my parents in Georgia.  I did not need to keep my car keys on my person the entire time, so I stored them in my (also seldom used) computer bag. Then, in my calendar, I put a little note on the date of my return: “Car keys in computer bag.” Travel date arrives, freak out avoided. Boom. 

What do YOU do to keep up with the important things when you are seeing the inside of your suitcase more often than the front door of your own home? 

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