Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tips from the Road: Rock down to... Electric Avenue!

Another in my continuing series on travel tips.....
This time:  ELECTRICITY! 

The night before I travel, perhaps when I am logging on to print my boarding pass, etc., I spend a few moments plugging in and syncing my devices with my laptop (like ipod, iphone, kindle). Most of mine sync up remotely, but if there is some update that requires a plug in, this is a good time to have that complete. Also, I like to make sure I have plenty of freshly downloaded podcasts in place, and that there is a good Kindle book ready to go. While I am at it, I plug in my devices so they have a full charge.

If I am looking for efficiency gold stars, I use this opportunity to backup my hard drive. You are probably already amazing and do this regularly, but I simply cannot seem to make time for this important task. So I do it now, before I accidentally toss my laptop down a runway or something. Of course, since the advent of online storage (thank you Dropbox!), I feel even less inclined to keep up with backups, but there you go. 

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