Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Race to the End of May

I have been away from my sweet little home for far too long... and am now on a countdown to my return.... 14 days!   As delighted as I am, I really cannot believe my time in Chicago is coming to an end.   I've survived the Great White Winter, some very trying show situations, and made a heap of lovely friends.  

Here is what I am up to from now until the end of May:

  1. Epic packing (of course). How can one single gal accumulate so much STUFF in one rented room???
  2. Finishing this endless endless show at Lyric.  Saying goodbye to my lovely colleagues. 
  3. Returning to my sweet little home.  Spring cleaning and time in the garden!
  4. Production plans galore!  
    1. This week: meeting in Madison to see the town and the company I am working for in the fall.
    2. Next week: major production meeting for the show I am directing in JANUARY. 
    3. Getting serious about detailed plans for my summer show.... much of the big picture stuff is taken care of, now I just have to figure out how it all happens. hahah
    4. Spending time on slow and steady learning Nozze di Figaro, due next spring. 

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