Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Opera Tools has arrived!

My friends!

I have a new project underway, and have been focusing my blogging activity in that direction.

Meet: www.OperaTools.com!

I have big dreams for this little site, but right now I am slowly uploading the mountain of opera production information I have amassed over the years. It has always been a major source of frustration for me that, upon getting hired for a new-to-me opera, I could not access simple resource materials... scene breakdowns, standard cut lists, bow lists, a reference list of good books to read. We (production people) all use these things, why do we have to re-invent the wheel every time?!

In addition, I want to make the site singer-friendly as well, and will continually add character studies, and eventually I'd like to add a podcast section, where I interview interesting opera folk about their thoughts on character and performance, etc.

So many things! So much for me to learn!

In the meantime, do visit me there.... www.OperaTools.com.

Today's post.... "Save your Brain Space with a Tickler File!"  Because you know I cannot help but offer tips/hacks in addition to academic info.

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