Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Summer 2015

Hi friends.
It's been a while.  :)
Adorable foster kitten Harley Instagram

I've been sharing mostly on Instagram these days, so be sure to follow me there!  
My handle is, of course, Airstreamdiva.

So... to catch up.
What have you been doing?

I've been:

1. Directing a huge heap of shows, including several brand new productions.

  • Il Ritorno d'Ulisse at Rice University, which was a super fun production we set in a grand villa on the Italian coast.  Check out the fun pics on my professional webpage!  (
  • Gorgeous new Eugene Onegin at Arizona Opera, with the lovely Corinne Winters.  What a blessing to work on this amazing opera, with friends old and new.  Pics HERE
  • Visited the great flat North.... North Dakota State University, where my long time designer pal Rooth Varland runs the theatre department.  She and I created a lovely Midsummer Night's Dream (opera) for the music school.  I stayed with her family for the month and had a grand time working on this gorgeous score.  Also staying up all hours painting banana leaves on massive scenic flats.  A director wears many hats....    Pics HERE
  • Not a new production, but directed my very first Nozze di Figaro.  At Atlanta Opera, my homeland.  This show has always seemed the pinnacle of opera to me... massive, deep, important, "sacred."  I did a lot of sweating in the months prior. Like so many things in life, there was a lot of dread and angst, it was hard, and it ended up being wonderful.  Pics HERE, and scattered all over the website. 
  • And a few other productions, but those are the highlights.  :) 
Munger St "River"   May 2015
2. Basically spent about 5 days at my home in Houston between Christmas Day and May 17, so it was pretty wonderful to crawl into my own bed for a bit.  Just in time to enjoy the crazy floods we have experienced this spring/summer!  Man, I was feeling pretty smug about my decision to raise the house 18inches last summer. 

3.  Did MASSIVE work on the foundation and exterior of my house, fall 2014.  Another post on this to follow. 

4. Big news: my man-friend Matt moved from NYC to Austin!  Not the same city, but at least we are in the same state again.  Moving him was the normal pain in the rear x10 that anything involving NYC means.  But now he is here, and has a lovely apartment, and I have actually been able to spend some time with him before heading off on my summer gig! Huzzah! 

Ok, that feels like enough updating for the moment.  I am feeling "bloggy" this summer, so check back soon for more updates.  Thanks for stopping by! 

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