Thursday, July 02, 2015

Fostering: A kitten in every pot.

Duke,  my very first foster
I've been volunteering as a Foster at the Houston SPCA for several years now, and it truly is a labor of love.  Basically it is this:  when the SPCA has animals that cannot be adopted, either for immaturity or illness, they need extra helping hands to care for the animal until it IS able to be adopted.  In the case of kittens, that means making it to 2 pounds and full health.  They also send out older animals for fostering... either because the animal is sick OR if they have just been hanging around the shelter for a long time and need a break.  :(   So it is my pleasure to bring these sweet animals into my life, love and feed them, and then send them off to their "forever homes." Sometimes I have them for two weeks, sometimes I have them for two months, it totally depends on my availability and the animal's need. Pretty great.

I began making a list of my foster kittens in August 2012, and at the time I already had a pretty long list.  When I started inserting photos, I realized this might need to be a multi-part series of posts.  ha! So... stay tuned, but here is a start!

  • Duke
  • Caroline
  • Black &Whites:  Wilber, Wally, Matilda & Maybelle
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Lenny & Squiggy
  • The Dillingers:  Dozer, John, Chloe, Herbie the Face
  • Explorers:  Amelia Earhart, Sir Edmund Hillary, Ferdinand Magellan (Nando), Sir Walter Raleigh
  • Honey Girl, Cotton & Dora
  • Steve Martin, Mellow Marshall  & Sebastian






Cleo  (Cleopatra)

Dozer Dillinger

The Dillingers, day one

Chloe Dillinger

Sir Edmund Hillary
Sir Walter Raleigh
Ferdinand Magellan (Nando)

Mellow Marshall 
Steve Martin

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