Saturday, March 13, 2010

My little pad

So here she is.... my new little home.
I closed on this cute little duplex just last week.  I can hardly believe it is true.
Yes, she needs a little work. She was born in 1935 for pete's sake!
No, she is not in the best neighborhood, but it seems this neighborhood (Eastwood.... developed in the 30's by the same guy that developed the Heights) is on its way up.  Prices are certainly rising, and I happen to know several pretty interesting folks who live there. 
Yes, she is small.

BUT... yes, she is adorably historic!
Yes, she already has a great tenant on the other side of the wall... a lovely tenant that makes a big dent in my mortgage payment!
Yes, she has a big yard, front and back!
And yes, SHE IS MINE!!

A tiny tour....
View from front door.... den, into dining room, bedroom in back.

tiny kitchen.... higher on my "fix it up" priority list...

tiny bathroom....

Backyard... (washer/dryer in storage shed!)

close up of bedroom...

And another view of the front porch....

And that is that!  When you are tiny, tours are short. hehe
Anyway, stay tuned for updates as I get all moved in and start making improvements.  Ridiculously, I was only able to move a few boxes after signing on the place, because I had to leave town for a gig almost immediately! And now I am pretty much out of town until next August, excepting about 10 days in May.  Ridiculous, I say.  

But while we are on the subject, I am going to go ahead and take the liberty of crossing off a big one on my Ultimate To Do List:  "Live in a cottage with ivy and rambling roses."    Whoduthunkit?!


  1. congratulations on your big news! It's SUPER ADORABLE!

  2. Mr. Chang6:31 PM

    CONGRATS! Can't wait for an in person tour.... Did I mention I was very jealous?